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EXTECH drukarki termiczne

drukarka termiczna - Extech Apex44” (112mm) Powerful, Lightweight Portable Printer with Class 2 Bluetooth® as Standard

The lightweight, rugged Apex 4 is the latest addition to Extech’s Apex Series of printers. With USB and Class 2 Bluetooth® communication as standard, the Apex 4 completes the Apex printer series. With the Apex 4, Extech Instruments has expanded the variety of communication options to include Serial, IrDA, Class 1 Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and/or 3 Track Magnetic Card Reader.

This versatile printer includes two proprietary
software applications: Cassini Configuration Utility and Form Fiesta. Cassini allows the developer to set-up the printer in the solution quickly and easily. Form Fiesta is an intuitive form design tool that writes the code as you design the form. The Apex 4 is ideal for forms printing applications such as trafficcitations, utility invoices, or boarding passes. Apex 4 prints quickly and efficiently with the simplicity of using Form Fiesta and many built-in features.

  Comfortable to Wear and Easy to Use

  • Comfortable to wear all day with belt loop system or shoulder strap
  • “Drop-in” paper load system
  • Easy battery replacement
  • 12 month warranty (including print head)
  • Optional Extended Warranty Available
  • Built-in Bootloader for in-fi eld fi rmware updates


  • Cycolac housing and rubber bumpers
  • Multiple drop tests to steel from 1.5 meters
  • IEC68 product testing for operating temperature, storage temperature, humidity, shock and vibration
  • IEC 60950 Product Safety Certifi cation also means that workers can be confi dent using the printer during home visits
  • Add the Extech IP54 carrying case for extra protection against dust and water


  • All the features supported by the Apex 4 are managed by a powerful ARM-7, 32 Bit microcontroller
  • Firmware and resident fonts are integrated into a Flash based CPU
  • 4MB Flash and 2MB SRAM memory is under direct user control to store logos, fonts, graphics and barcodes
  • Powered by a high capacity, long-lasting Lithium-Ion battery cartridge (7.4V; 2250mAh)
  • Can be charged either internally or in an external battery charger

  Easy to Integrate

  • Multiple communication interfaces
  • Comes standard with USB and Bluetooth® (Class 2)
  • Optional RS232, IrDA, Class 1 Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi, and/or 3- Track Magnetic Card Reader
  • MS-DOS and Windows compatible with full-speed handshake
  • Print drivers available for Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP and Vista
  • Print utilities available for most Mobile Operating Systems
  • Emulations for many popular brands available.


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